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Your website has a critical job to do – it tells your story, conveys your message, sells your products, and promotes your business. Your site needs to capture the attention of your target audience wherever they are, gain their trust and get them to take action. Your website must be constantly changing to keep pace with changes in your message, products, or business and also to keep pace with changes in technology and security threats.
Flexpro recognizes how critical your website is and can help put it to work for you! We use an agile methodology that keeps the big picture in mind but optimizes your budget by delivering just what you need now. We want to be your trusted partner in building your new site, modernizing your exiting site, or simply maintaining your site to keep pace with change.
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Website Design and Development for Any Budget

Building a new website is exciting because it means that you have a new business to launch or an important message to convey. At Flexpro our goal is to help you be successful with your new venture and offers the following services designed to help you grow and reach your goals:

Comprehensive Design
Define the short and long-term goals for your site and map out the technologies, content, features, and look-and-feel required to reach those goals.
Agile Development
Website development is a visual and iterative process. We embrace agile methodology that keeps your goals and budget in perspective while allowing for new ideas that emerge during the process.
Budget Friendly
Small budgets are no issue. We support startup businesses and pilot projects for large businesses. We want to grow with you and offer flexible monthly time blocks of as little as 5 hours.
Hosting and Technology
Flexpro can work with you through all of the technical details required to support your site.
Custom Development
We have the experience to install stable plug-ins or extensions if available and to build custom extensions if needed.
Full Life-Cycle Services
Flexpro offers services that will help you grow your site as your needs change and maintenance services to help you keep your site current and modern.

Website Maintenance and Modernization Services

The internet is constantly changing and evolving. Websites that were once cutting edge quickly appear dated, lose their search engine ranking, or become vulnerable to security threats. Flexpro offers the following comprehensive services to maintain and modernize your existing site:

Responsive Design
Get your website looking great on every device and eliminate the need for a dedicated mobile site. Google also prioritizes mobile friendly sites.
Theme Updates
A top-to-bottom re-dressing of your website. Themes affect every aspect of your website’s interface, from layout to color scheme.
Content Refresh
Freshen up your website’s look with new colors, images, videos, and text to help your website make a great first impression.
Page Redesign
Update the organization and presentation of your content. Add features and functionality to give your website a more dynamic feel.
Technology Stack Upgrades
Ensure your website is running on the latest versions of relevant software to eliminate harmful downtime and security risks.
Hosting Service Evaluation
A good hosting service provides your business safety, dependability, and peace of mind, all at a reasonable price.
Software updates and best practices to beef up your security.
Google Analytics
Get the real-time user data and trends to learn how to better make your website work for your business.
Eliminate Dead Links and 404 Pages
Eliminate old unused pages and dead-end links from your website.


Get just the fix you need, fast.
Flexpro Technology Solutions works with your business to find solutions to your specific needs. We have a variety of services to choose from to match your website problem, and can also help you identify areas of weakness. Contact us to discuss your website and we’ll come up with a concrete plan of action to get your website to where you need it to be.
Keep your website firing on all cylinders.
Website needs are constantly evolving and it can be difficult to keep up. Put your website in our hands and keep your time free for business specific issues with a monthly service plan. Contact us to discuss a contract for continued maintenance on your website and receive the peace of mind that your website will be getting the regular care that it needs.