Technology Strategy


Is your business leveraging technology for competitive advantage? All businesses must continue to evolve and update their technology strategy to take advantage of the opportunities that new technologies bring. Whether technology is driving a competitive advantage, helping to reduce overall operating costs, or supporting best-in-class business processes, it’s important that you have a carefully thought out technology roadmap for your business.
Flexpro offers decades of CIO experience working with executive management to define a company-wide technology strategy, build out a business case for a strategic initiative or develop a project plan for a critical project. We can provide long-term part-time CIO services, interim CIO services, or project planning services for complex can’t fail initiatives.

Technology Strategy and Roadmap

Technology is constantly changing and this change not only creates opportunities for your business but also exposes you to significant risks. It is critical that you build and maintain a 3 to 5 year technology roadmap that aligns with your overall business strategy to maximize the opportunities and mitigate the risks.
Flexpro has the experience to develop a comprehensive technology strategy and roadmap that aligns with the business strategy, recognizes technology change, incorporates staff strengths and weaknesses, and results in realistic investment and timeframe recommendations.

Business Case Development

Before you can even get to the point of approving a project and putting a team in place you need to know whether the investment makes sense and that you will get the best payback possible. You know that many projects are setup for failure before they even get started because of bad assumptions and improper commitments made in the planning stage and you can’t afford to have that happen again.
Flexpro can bring a disciplined approach to evaluating a proposed investment to ensure that decisions are made on fact, not assumptions and emotion. We offer an independent perspective, proven analysis methodology, and an unbiased view that is software and hardware agnostic.

Interim IT Director / Interim CIO

Hiring a new IT Director or CIO is a critical step for your company and a decision that you want to get right without rushing. In the meantime, who is watching over the day-to-day tasks and activities that just keep stacking up? How are you providing continuity to the IT staff so that you don’t lose them in the transition?
An experienced interim IT Director or interim CIO can help you through this transition. Not only can they help with the day-to-day tasks but they can also provide a fresh perspective and assessment of your long-term needs and can be an invaluable resource in making a great long-term hire.