Project Management


Using an external expert to manage your “can’t fail” projects can offer significant benefits for your business. Experts can bring experience and lessons learned from similar projects, can be 100% focused on your project, and are un-encumbered by your company’s internal politics. These benefits can make the difference between success and failure!
Flexpro offers PMP certified hands-on expertise to manage your largest, most complex, projects, programs and portfolios. We are comfortable using waterfall, agile or a blended methodology and can help you be successful with every aspect of your project including strategy alignment, business case approval, plan development, vendor selection, contract reviews, risk reviews, resource management, testing, training and even support.

ERP Implementation and Integrations

An ERP implementation project is the most challenging and disruptive undertaking that a business will go through. The failure rate for these projects is high and the cost of failure is significant in lost investment, damaged customer goodwill, and even executive terminations. The value of an experienced and independent project manager for these initiatives can be significant.
Flexpro offers significant experience in managing ERP implementation projects from single site acquisition integrations to large-scale multi-country and location implementations. We have worked with Oracle, JD Edwards, and IFS ERP systems and can offer a proven methodology based on best practices and lessons learned from past initiatives.

Software and Systems Development

Flexpro’s staff has years of experience managing software development projects and portfolios in all business functional areas from customer service to finance to supply chain. We are comfortable using a waterfall, agile or highbred methodology that best matches the projects needs and your businesses standards.

Project Advisory Services — Audits, Oversight, and Mentoring

You are making a significant investment in a can’t fail project with high risks if not managed carefully. You know that an independent perspective and an extra set of experienced eyes could make the difference between success and failure.
Flexpro offers a range of solutions depending on your specific needs. We can complete a formal project audit on a one-time or recurring basis, we can sit in on your project steering committee in an advisory capacity or we can take on a mentoring role to support your project manager. Our goal is to help you avoid pitfalls and identify opportunities to exceed expectations.

Vendor and Software Selection

Selecting an appropriate software or hardware vendor or solutions provider can be a significant project in its own right. For a new ERP system this process can take months and can include formal RFPs, demonstrations and proof-of-concept reviews. Not only do you need someone with the experience to manage this but also someone who is truly vendor agnostic and has only your businesses interests in mind.
Flexpro has managed software, hardware and vendor selection processes for small to very large scale initiatives. We help you identify the best long-term partner for your business which often is not the same as the vendor who checked the most boxes on the RFP or offers the lowest price. We will work with you and your core team to make the best long-term decision for your business.