Broadening your business to include E-Commerce (on-line sales) is mandatory for most businesses today. Whether you sell directly to consumers or sell products to business customers, the options to build an affordable on-line sales site have never been better. Flexpro can help you understand your options and build a solution that meets your short and long-term goals.
Flexpro also has the experience to address your total B2B E-Business needs whether that’s delivering content through a secure portal or creating a competitive advantage via an industry marketplace. Trust us to help you define and execute your on-line commerce needs.

Selling Online — B2C & B2B

The Magento 2 Community Edition (the free version!) offers deep functionality for both B2C and B2B businesses to get started with online sales. We can help you build a scalable and full-featured solution for your business and then provide the on-going support that you need as you grow your sales.
Flexpro is certified in Magento 2 and has the experience to build and optimize a solution for your business. We can get you started with hosting options, building out your product catalog, adding effective shipping, sales tax and payment options.

E-Business: Going Beyond E-Commerce

Leveraging the internet to improve your business can take many forms from providing marketing and brand content to creating an industry marketplace or exchange that adds value for your customers.
We have a long track record of experience helping companies define their E-Business strategy and manage their critical E-Business projects. Let us help you understand what’s possible for your business!

Magento 2 Extensions and Development

The standard Magento 2 platform offers a great way to get started with online sales but you need additional functionality offered in extensions or possibly through custom development.
We offer certified expertise to help you get the functionality that you need to support your customers. Unlike many Magento agencies we have no minimum project size or budget and are happy to work with you to meet your requirements.