Classified Ad Ecommerce Website Using Flynax Software

Classified Ad Ecommerce Website Using Flynax Software

Katun Corporation distributes printer and copier parts and supplies to a global customer base of dealers and distributors. They continuously look for ways to provide value to their customers and engaged Flexpro Technology Solutions to build a unique B2B classified ad website for their European customers. Katun’s vision was to offer a marketplace that allows their customers to sell their surplus printers and copiers to other dealers across Europe.


Flexpro worked with Katun’s IT Director and European business team to define the requirements for the marketplace site and then conducted a search process for software products that would support the requirements. The Flynax product was selected from several finalists due to its overall feature set and specifically due to its support for multiple currencies and languages. Flexpro’s team then took the lead in selecting a hosting provider (SiteGround), installing the software, configuring the product to meet specific requirements, coordinating content from the business team, and testing the product. Flexpro also provided post go-live administrative and support services as well as technical support and custom reporting.


Flexpro quickly configured the product with an initial layout and test ads so that the Katun team was able to visualize the solution and test the site. Using an iterative process additional features and content were added to the site. During the process many advanced features such as shopping cart, credit card payment, customer virtual stores, and options to monetize the site, were explored and tested. Ultimately, Katun decided on a marketplace with many of these features disabled with the intent of adding them as the marketplace grows.

Within two months of launcing the site Katun had over 200 customers registered on the site with postings from across Europe. In addition to providing a service to their customers the site also allows Katun to promote its brand, products and services. The site can quickly be expanded to include additional premium services and can be offered in other regions outside of Europe. During the project Flexpro was able to provide a critical missing layer between Katun’s business team and Flynax. Although Flynax has developed a strong software solution they offer minimal technical support and no client services or training. Flexpro was not only able to learn how to support the tool through the Administrative panel but also from a database and programming perspective. Flexpro is now positioned to offer Katun’s technical and business teams local and prompt support as well as insight and training into how the Flynax tool works.