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Top 5 User Expectations Your Website Must Meet

Your customers come to your website for a reason. Do you know what they expect and is your website meeting those expectations?

Regardless of your industry or business there are some common expectations that website visitors share. Here are 5 must-have elements for your website.

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Best Practices for Building a New Website!

Best Practices for Building a New Website

Your new website must represent your business, capture your target audience, convey your message, and sell your products. To ensure that your site fulfills these critical tasks it’s important that the project methodology you use incorporates best practices in website design and development.

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What Makes a Modern Website?

The internet is constantly changing and evolving. Websites that were once cutting edge quickly appear dated, lose their search engine ranking, or become vulnerable to security threats when not regularly maintained. Today’s modern website should account for the following major trends, features, and functionalities.

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Magento 2 Module Tutorial

Module Basics

The module is one of the fundamental building blocks of the Magento 2 system and represents a key point of extension for developers. Every module should contain the following:

  1. Code encapsulating a unique business feature
  2. A default user interface (customizable by themes)
  3. Relevant blocks, controllers, models, etc.
  4. Minimal dependencies
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Is “Whack-A-Mole” a Legitimate Project Management Technique?

The object of whack-a-mole, a popular arcade game, is to use a mallet to quickly knock the moles that randomly pop up back into their holes. 

The game requires quick reactions and definitive action to keep the moles at bay.  If you’re good, you can put the moles back in their hole, at least temporarily.

At times project management feels just like a game of whack-a-mole – identify issues, react quickly, do whatever is needed to make the issue go away, and move on to the next one.

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Drop Ship E-commerce: Building a Magento 2 Extension

Drop Shipping in Magento 2

Multiple drop ship locationsThe drop ship business model is increasingly common in the e-commerce world as entrepreneurs and expanding businesses alike seek to reach a larger market. Drop shipping goods can be the key to building a large online marketplace with a variety of goods but without the overhead of maintaining a centralized inventory.

McVickerStreet offers an online collection of handmade products from local makers and has recently commissioned Flexpro to build a custom Magento 2 drop ship extension. Seeking to mitigate the overhead of their business model, McVickerStreet’s primary objective was to maintain control over the order process but to enable makers to complete shipments from their location. Specifically, they desired the ability to split a customer’s order into multiple shipments based on each product’s maker and print the appropriate shipping labels for each drop ship location, while charging the customer the correct amount in shipping cost.

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The Executive Sponsor Role – Leadership Required!

We all know intuitively what an executive sponsor for a project should do:  be decisive, hold people accountable, deal with the difficult issues.   But how many times have we seen projects that flounder and fail precisely because the executive sponsor isn’t doing their job or one hasn’t even been assigned to the project?

The role of executive sponsor is critical to the success of large and complex projects.  This is a real role that is just as important to the project as the project manager or any of the project team members.

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Improve Your ERP Implementations – Practical Techniques to Blend Agile and Waterfall Methodologies

Blending agile and waterfall methodologiesERP implementations are among the hardest projects that a company will ever undertake.  They impact every business process and every user and they require a painstaking attention to detail to ensure that the business continues to function smoothly at go-live.

Any opportunity to simplify and improve an ERP implementation should be taken.  With that goal in mind this blog post focuses on some practical ways to blend agile and waterfall methodologies that take advantage of the strengths of each for improved ERP implementations.

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B2B Private Marketplace – Use Classified Ad Software to Easily and Affordably Add Value for Your Customers

What is a private marketplace?

A private marketplace or on-line exchange is typically a website that connects buyers and sellers together to buy, sell and trade products and services. Unlike a public B2B exchange (think Amazon Business or Alibaba), a private exchange is offered to a focused, qualified or invited set of participants. Sometimes these exchanges are hosted by industry consortiums allowing access to industry participants (e.g., HVAC or Plumbing industry exchanges that allow suppliers, distributors, installers, etc. to buy, sell and trade products, surplus supplies, used items, and services). Private exchanges may also be hosted by a single company looking to offer additional value to their customers.

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B2B Ebusiness Strategy – Drivers for Success (Part 3 of 3)

The first two parts of this article described why businesses need to develop a B2B ebusiness strategy and provided a list of potential ebusiness solutions that could be adopted.  But how do you know which solution(s) make sense for your business and how do you avoid the barriers and overcome the roadblocks that can detract from a successful implementation?

To begin answering these questions requires a thorough review of the internal and external drivers that will shape your ebusiness strategy.  You also need to be aware of the common barriers and roadblocks that will impede the adoption and success of your ebusiness solutions and proactively decide how you will avoid them.

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