Drop Ship E-commerce: Building a Magento 2 Extension

Drop Shipping in Magento 2

Multiple drop ship locationsThe drop ship business model is increasingly common in the e-commerce world as entrepreneurs and expanding businesses alike seek to reach a larger market. Drop shipping goods can be the key to building a large online marketplace with a variety of goods but without the overhead of maintaining a centralized inventory.

McVickerStreet offers an online collection of handmade products from local makers and has recently commissioned Flexpro to build a custom Magento 2 drop ship extension. Seeking to mitigate the overhead of their business model, McVickerStreet’s primary objective was to maintain control over the order process but to enable makers to complete shipments from their location. Specifically, they desired the ability to split a customer’s order into multiple shipments based on each product’s maker and print the appropriate shipping labels for each drop ship location, while charging the customer the correct amount in shipping cost.

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